On 08 September Viajeo’s Beijing demo site partners organised a workshop at the National Convention Centre Beijing China

The workshop was held as a side event of the 6th China Annual Conference and International Exhibition on Intelligent Transport Systems the 7th International Energy-Efficiency and New Energy Vehicles Innovation Development Forum and Exhibition 6-10 September 2011. The workshop aimed to disseminate Viajeo’s current achievements and to raise awareness of the forthcoming project demonstration scheduled for November 2011 in Beijing.

Three services are planned to be implemented for the operators of the service centre within Beijing demonstrator of the Viajeo open platform:

  • Cross modal journey planning and real time traffic information (Service A)
  • Real time bus operation (Service B)
  • Passenger Information Display (Service C)

A live demonstration was shown at the workshop. Three i-Pads were used for participants to access multi-modal journey planning services based on real-time traffic information collected by a large fleet of floating vehicles from Beijing Transportation Research Centre (BTRC) and real-time bus location data provided by Beijing Public Transport Holdings (BPT). The two types of data have been integrated by the Viajeo platform developed by PTV. The integrated data is also used by a public transport operation platform developed by Thetis to provide real-time bus operation and passenger information at bus stops or via internet. Three screens were set up in the workshop to show the bus operators’ back office system and passenger information screen at bus stops. Users’ feedbacks were collected for finalising the user interface of the demonstration before the demonstration goes live.       

Dr Philippe Vialatte Head of Science Technology and Environment Section of the Delegation of the European Union to China and Mongolia attended the workshop and gave a presentation on EC policy in the field of international cooperation in science and technology between China and the EU. Dr Vialatte was very impressed by the live demonstration and believed that the Viajeo project is a good example of EU-China cooperation in technology. Mr Alessandro Celestino from the Italian Ministry for the Environment Land and Sea which supports Viajeo also gave a speech at the workshop to highlight the importance and contribution of the Viajeo project to a more sustainable mobility solution in Beijing.

Viajeo’s demonstration in Beijing will soon begin and the public will be able to use the services for multi-modal journey planning and access real-time passenger information at selected bus stops in Beijing. Results will be presented in a final event due to take place in the first half of 2012.

Presentations can be found on Viajeo website.

For further information please contact Viajeo.

Overview of Viajeo Platform in Beijing

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Original Publication Date: Mon 19 Sep 2011