Cities and metropolitan areas face ever increasing demands on their transportation systems especially in developing regions with growing populations and massive urban migration. Coupled with heavy infrastructure investment strategic mobility management is becoming the most important tool for meeting the demand.

Cities are faced with challenges at the level of efficient green and connected travel. The Viajeo project will address these challenges by bringing together various stakeholders to design implement and demonstrate an open platform in order to enhance the efficiency of overall urban mobility.

The Viajeo open platform will allow for sharing and processing of data from different sources and will demonstrate functionalities in the areas of:

  • Transport Planning
  • Transport Operation and Management
  • Information Generation
  • Information Dissemination

The project will implement and demonstrate the open platform in a number of cities in Europe Brazil and China.  As part of its activities in Brazil a seminar will be organised the topic of “EU – Brazil cooperation” during the Challenge Bibendum on 2 June with an international panel of experts. The seminar’s objectives are:

  • Presentation of ITS solutions and good practices to urban mobility challenges;
  • Presentation of research and developments in the framework of international cooperation projects namely Viajeo and STADIUM projects (addressing specifically the Viajeo activities in Brazil);
  • Discussion on potential topics for joint EU-Brazil cooperation on ITS.

Interested stakeholders please contact for more information on the seminar on 2 June.  

Viajeo in brief:

Project coordinator: ERTICO – ITS Europe
Duration: 36 months from September 2009 until August 2012
Viajeo is co-funded by the European Commission DG Research and has the support of the Italian Ministry for the Environment Land and Sea.

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Original Publication Date: Tue 27 Jul 2010