The eSafety Awards provide an invaluable opportunity to highlight the successes of the most outstanding ambitious and innovative eSafety deployments and to reward those people and organisations most worthy of recognition and praise.

The eSafety Forum members were invited to nominate the candidates for the three Award categories in May-June 2009. Seven candidates confirmed their participation in the competition for the “Lifetime Achievement” award category six for the “Industry/ Technology” and three for the “Policy Award”.
Who are they?
We invite you to discover them and to vote for a winner in each eSafety Awards category via the eSafety Support website. 

This is the third edition of the eSafety Awards. The Awards Ceremony will take place at 3pm on 22 September 2009 at the ITS World Congress in Stockholm Sweden. The Awards will be handed out by a representative of the European Commission. 
The online voting is open from 15th July to 15th August 2009.


1. The voting is open only to the eSafety Forum members. Thus to be able to submit your vote you will be invited to fill in your name organisation and email address. This is only an identification procedure we guarantee the confidentiality of your vote.
2. Please be aware that you can only vote once (for each Awards’ category).
More information on the eSafety Support website.

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Original Publication Date: Tue 27 Jul 2010