Come vote for the city mobility solutions of the future at the European Mobility Challenge Finalist Pitch 26 June 2020 -15:00-16:30.

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In this innovative webinar, graduate students from European Universities and future smart mobility pioneers compete against each other with their own solutions to the challenges that currently exist in our cities.

An ERTICO Jury has already shortlisted the three teams they think have the most promising ideas. The three teams will pitch their transport innovations to smart mobility stakeholders in a virtual setting on 26 June. Join us and vote for the winning solution and decide on the winner that will represent Europe at the Global Mobility Challenge.

The shortlisted student teams originate from: Gheorghe Asachi Technical University of Iaşi, Romania; University “POLITEHNICA” of Bucharest, Romania and University of Bologna, Italy. These cities in Romania and Italy will reveal how their cities are responding to the mobility challenges that face them and how they are dealing with the problems that these student teams are aiming to solve.

Get ready to vote for the following solutions:

Solution 1 – Aiming to decrease the number of accidents that happen in a city context, this solution works through an app that links the community and vulnerable road users (VRU’s) through their own smart devices so potential dangers can be avoided and evasive action can be taken making all road users less vulnerable.

Solution 2 – The arcades of Bologna are well known for their beauty, but sometimes do have safety challenges. This solution creates a ‘responsive crossing’ that works with vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists so together they can avoid all incidents and make sure the area remains as safe as it is beautiful.

Solution 3 – This solution seeks an answer to the challenge that exists at the heart of every city: how do you decrease traffic and the number of private cars? Combining innovations already in existence such as smart parking, park & ride, digital ticketing as well as new solutions, it creates a one-fits-all app that goes a long way to meet this challenge.

We look forward to your votes on 26 June!