5G-MOBIX, an ERTICO-led EC funded project, publishes the new White Paper from the ICT-18 projects: 5G-MOBIX, 5GCroCo and 5G-CARMEN.  The document introduces the scope, use cases, trial sites and particularities of each of the three H2020-ICT-18-2018 5G PPP corridor projects, which address the technical, business and administrative challenges that the provision of CCAM functionality over 5G connectivity poses in highway and national border environments.

‘We have reached an important milestone in publishing this White Paper, which is in line with the 5GPPP Strategic Deployment Agenda for the roll-out of 5G corridors. It greatly contributes to existing knowledge about automation under 5G conditions at borders and will pave the way for the introduction of automated services using 5G technologies. Under the current challenges of the pandemic, we are delighted to be able to publish it and look forward to presenting it formally to the ITS Community at a future webinar, ’ says Coen Bresser,  ERTICO Senior Manager and coordinator of the project.

Together with 5GCroCo and 5G-CARMEN, 5G-MOBIX performs 5G-enabled Autonomous Driving AD trials at national borders and is gaining useful insights  in relation to the challenges and opportunities of provisioning 5G-enabled CCAM services in cross-border conditions.

The White Paper is a joint effort by 5G-MOBIX, 5GCroCo and 5G-CARMEN and presents preliminary results, based on currently available technological enablers, with the capacity to mitigate and/or resolve the above mentioned challenges. It also identifies and elaborates on the main concerns and challenges arising from deploying advanced CCAM use cases at regional borders.

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Source: 5GPPP