On 7 October, ERTICO CEO Jacob Bangsgaard spoke at the High Level Meeting on Connected and Automated Driving, organised by the Finnish Ministry of Transport and Communications. At the High Level Meeting, Mr Bangsgaard highlighted the importance of  the ARCADE Knowledge Base as a significant means of exchanging knowledge and best practices on Cooperative, Connected and Automated Mobility (CCAM).

The High Level Meetings are a series of follow-up meetings to the Declaration of Amsterdam which was adopted during the Dutch Presidency of the EU in spring 2016. The Declaration includes a commitment from the European Commission, Member States, industry and other CAD Stakeholders to work together for more coordinated efforts concerning connected and automated vehicles in Europe. The European Commission has already  praised the essential role of the Knowledge base in fulfilling the promises of the Declaration of Amsterdam. The Knowledge Base has now been added to the conclusions from the High Level Meeting with a commitment from Member States to support the database in its role of providing up-to-date information on CCAM.

Intelligent transport solutions (ITS) are revolutionising the way we live our lives, particularly in the way we move and travel. Cooperative, connected and automated mobility has a real potential to address the many challenges in the transport sector and improve the efficiency, safety, affordability and accessibility of mobility. Full benefits of CCAM can be achieved within an integrated environment where automated vehicles, road users and digital infrastructure connect and cooperate with each other. Work is and has been ongoing to understand how Connected Automated Vehicles (CAVs) will fit into existing transport networks. It is important to analyse well and understand the impacts of CAV on safety, the environment, inclusiveness as well as the needs of citizens and their expectations. There is a greater need for large scale pilots and to exchange lessons learned.

Developed as part of the Horizon 2020 funded project ARCADE (Aligning Research & Innovation for Connected Automated Driving in Europe), the Knowledge Base gathers scattered information amongst a broad network of CAD stakeholders. This is done to establish a common baseline of CAD knowledge and provide a platform for a broad exchange of information. By combining all sources of knowledge, stakeholders are enabled to get a clearer picture of the future impact of road automation.

“The CAD Knowledge Base is an essential tool for ERTICO to continue its work in outlining priorities for the sector. Together with other automotive and ITS technology stakeholders and EU policymakers, ERTICO plays an important role in supporting CCAM related research and pilot activities in Europe and encouraging the appropriate regulatory framework. ERTICO and ARCADE are providing innovation to assist in making tomorrow’s mobility, better today,” said ERTICO CEO, Jacob Bangsgaard. “This Knowledge Base will play an essential role in the deployment of CAD concepts to fully unlock their potential benefits for the mobility of people and goods, across sectors and across borders.”

The ARCADE project supports the Knowledge Base by facilitating collaboration between major CAD stakeholders from the automotive, infrastructure, ICT and service provision sectors. It promotes the exchange of knowledge from past and ongoing activities at national, European and international level and builds consensus on CAD deployment scenarios and research needs. Since the Knowledge Base is ever-evolving and growing with the existing body of knowledge in the field, feedback from CAD stakeholders is invaluable and highly encouraged.

To visit the Knowledge Base please find the link here.

Please visit the ARCADE website for further information.