A newly installed bicycle path in Krommenie, 25 km from Amsterdam, has been constructed with solar cells, enabling it to generate enough energy to power three homes. The path, which is covered by a one-inch layer of glass strong enough to withstand the weight of a truck, is currently 70 m long, and will be extended to 100 m in the near future.
Further research is planned on ways to improve the generation capacity for upcoming projects. Power generated by the path will be used for practical applications in street lighting, traffic systems, and to power electric vehicles and homes. The path is additionally fitted with sensors that gather information on traffic density.
“Electric vehicles are on the rise, but are not really a substitute until the electricity they use is generated in a sustainable way. Roads can generate power right where it is needed,” explained Sten de Wit from the organisation SolaRoad. 
Original author: Alexia