Yunex Traffic has entered into an public-private partnership alliance agreement with Heijmans and the Municipality of Amsterdam. Together, they will realize the functional tunnel management systems for the newly built Amsterdam Traffic Control Center.

The Municipality of Amsterdam wants to modernize, standardize and centralize the operation of its five road tunnels in Amsterdam. For this, the municipality is realizing a newly built traffic control center. After completion of this center, operators will be able to operate all five tunnels from one location using one single operating protocol.

The center consists of multiple operating desks dedicated to operating the tunnels 24/7, monitoring the city of Amsterdam’s traffic bottlenecks, testing new software releases and training operators. These assets will be housed in a newly built traffic control center at the Logistic Center Metro. The traffic control center will meet all current requirements in terms of safety and ergonomics. The alliance is responsible for the hardware and software of the control center and realizing the interfaces with the tunnels, also called the functional systems. In multidisciplinary teams, the alliance partners realize the design and implementation of the functional systems, of which the traffic management system is also a part.

To ensure that the control center can control the tunnels uniformly, the municipality is modifying several tunnels. The systems in the tunnels were developed in different periods with the technology of that time. To still get the various tunnels connected to the new traffic control center, the municipality is preparing them one by one.

A deliberate choice was made for a public-private partnership in an alliance to create a single collaborative organization focused on the task at hand. When renovating the Piet Heintunnel, the three alliance partners also worked together successfully. Heijmans is responsible for the hardware and software that manages and controls the audiovisual systems. Yunex Traffic is responsible for the hardware and software that controls the tunnels and makes them operable from the traffic control center. Together, they realize the desired technical solution for the entire operating chain. The Municipality of Amsterdam is end-user, owner and client.

Source: Building Tunnel Management for Amsterdam Traffic Control Center – Yunex Traffic