Yunex Traffic is rolling out a new contactless payment solution to its electric vehicle (EV) ChargePoint Operator (CPO) customers across the UK. The solution is fast and intuitive for drivers to use, with no confusion over where the payment method needs to be presented.

Simple, fast, and easy-to-manage payment processes: At conventional petrol stations, this is a matter of course – at many EV Charge Points, it is still more of a wish than a reality. With the new solution from Yunex Traffic, this is about to change.

This contactless solution offers easy operation with a built-in contactless bank card reader and RFID reader. All instructions are displayed on one screen, rather than users having to look at different parts of the charger to read or input information making it convenient and quick to use.

Wilke Reints, Managing Director of Yunex Traffic in the UK, said: “We worked closely with our partners Gemini 2K and Elavon to develop this fully integrated solution, which is proving to be a valuable addition to our EVCI portfolio and service offering, providing enhanced operational and reporting functionality.

“The addition of the contactless solution broadens even further the range of products and support services that our experienced EVCI team can deliver to this rapidly growing sector. From full end-to-end solutions to design, supply, installation, and our extensive service and maintenance capability, we provide tailored support to authorities and Charge Point Operators across the UK.”

For CPOs, the system can offer some of the lowest transaction fees for any EV charging terminal. It also allows them to view transactions remotely in real time, enabling live analysis of each charger’s usage to be carried out as and when required and to quickly and easily extract receipts for forwarding to the driver.

For drivers, the key benefits are the solution’s fully integrated design and intuitive operation. With contactless bankcard and RFID readers located next to a single information screen, with clear instructions, the payment process is clear and familiar to ensure ease and speed of use.

Durable and reliable, the new contactless system is now available on QC45 chargers and can be added to other hardware solutions with minimal integration. A cloud-based solution that will enable fast retrofitting to existing hardware is also expected to be released soon.

Wilke Reints continued: “Now being rolled out across the country, our new contactless solution provides an intelligent and elegant solution, delivering a robust, reliable, and cost-effective system for drivers and CPOs alike.”

Source: Yunex Traffic