The first General Assembly of the newly launched PRIVATEER project took place on 15-16 February in Athens, Greece, with representatives of the 13 partners of the project Consortium present. This innovative and pioneering project aims to address the challenge of an increased-threat landscape for future SNS and define technologies and the architecture to mitigate them.

Consortium members joined Space Hellas, the project coordinator, in Athens for the first official in-person meeting of the project. The meeting in Athens presented an opportunity for partners to align on scope, harmonise approaches and goals, and inspire each other while illustrating their work plans; the first steps will involve identifying the 6G threat landscape, followed by the designing and building of PRIVATEER’s privacy-first integrated framework for two use cases, i.e. Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) and Smart Cities.

ERTICO will play a pivotal role in the ITS use case, using its vast experience in this domain, and will ensure maximum impact by exploiting the results through the ERTICO partnership channels.

Dr Nikolaos Tsampieris, Senior Manager of Innovation and Deployment and ERTICO lead in the project, states that “PRIVATEER is an innovative project looking in the right direction in the still-unchartered 6G landscape: ensuring increased security while preserving user privacy is a top societal aspect in the EU 6G vision”.

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