The e-Mobility ICT Interoperability Innovation Group (eMI³) publishes a standard specification update

On 11 December 2018, eMI³ released an update of its first standard specification (version v1.1). The updated version includes the: addition of two new Use Cases to Part 1 of its first standard: “Smart Charging” and ” Electricity Roaming” update of “terms and definitions” used for electro-mobility Part 2 of the standard remains unaltered and will be updated concurrently with the next release. All documents can be accessed on the Docs & Links page at this link.


Hybrid Communication Task Force leading off to a new solution for Cooperative ITS

The second face-to-face meeting of the CONCORDA project Hybrid Communication Task Force was held on January 15 in Paris. Experts from telco and automotive industry, as well as academia, came together to scope solutions for Cooperative ITS using hybrid communication. “Hybrid”, in this context, means not only enabling long-range (3G/4G and beyond) cellular communication of C-ITS messages, but a truly integrated solution where long-range cellular can complement short-range communication technology-based systems. The task force is currently collecting insights from previous connected driving trials, where long-range cellular communication was used. This includes the evaluation of communication...


Siemens signs framework agreement for 100 multisystem locomotives

Siemens Mobility and DB Cargo AG signed a framework agreement for the delivery of 100 multisystem locomotives. At the signing of the contract, DB’s freight division placed an initial call for 40 Vectron multisystem locomotives. The locomotives are planned for cross-border transport in several European countries. Delivery of the locomotives will begin in February 2019 and be completed by June 2020. “DB Cargo had ordered 60 locomotives from us in the summer of 2017. The signing of a new framework agreement confirms the successful completion of that project and the reliability of our locomotives,” said Sabrina Soussan, CEO of Siemens Mobility. “The Vectron MS is a...


European Commission shares first findings on the true costs of EU transport

The European Commission will today share the preliminary results of a study on the negative effects that transport has on the environment, health, air quality and climate – the so-called external costs. The study also looks at infrastructure costs and how these are covered by relevant taxes and charges. One of the main findings is the extent of the overall external costs of transport, estimated at around € 1 000 billion annually (almost 7% of the gross domestic product of the 28 EU Member States). The preliminary findings suggest that, for the time being, society largely pays for these costs, rather than the user or polluter. This is generally true for all transport modes. Road users pay...

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