Car Keys in the Cloud

The Key as a Service portfolio of Continental and its subsidiary OTA keys includes the solutions “Remote Cloud Key” and “Smart Device Integrated Access”. Both these systems are based on the same technology platform. While Smart Device Integrated Access targets OEMs and is designed for fixed integration into the vehicle architecture, Remote Cloud Key (RCK) is a solution for the aftermarket that enables users to open or close a vehicle via an app and to release the vehicle for engine startup. The solution is based on a battery-operated hardware adapter that’s tuned into the vehicle like an additional radio key. The adapter is easy to install, with no modifications necessary to the vehicle’s...


Alliance launches European network for logistics information exchange

European projects AEOLIX and SELIS will start developing and testing end-to-end supply chain visibility in European logistics for the first time. The multinational project partners from Belgium, France, Italy, Netherlands, Germany, Greece, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, the UK, Slovenia, Ireland and Portugal have expressed their commitment to be involved in the ambitious AEOLIX project (Architecture for EurOpean Logistics Information eXchange) and the SELIS project (Shared European Logistics Intelligent Information Space). The overarching goal is to streamline logistics operations by developing a cloud-based IT platform for supply chain actors to exchange data and services. The...


Huawei partners with Audi to advance automated driving

On 10 July Huawei signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) for a strategic cooperation with Audi, the German automobile manufacturer, to partner for the development of intelligent connected vehicles. The agreement forms part of a broad-based partnership between the companies in the two countries initiated by Chinese Premier Li Keqiang and German Chancellor Angela Merkel. The cooperation between Huawei and Audi is also intended to facilitate the ongoing advancement of intelligent driving and the digitalization of services in the vehicle environment. To this end, the parties have additionally agreed to jointly develop training programs in order to strengthen the skills of technology...


European Commission sets up a new EU Rail Passenger Security Platform

Following its announcement of an action plan to improve the security of rail passengers in the EU, the Commission adopted the decision to launch an EU Rail Passenger Security Platform. The Platform will support the collection of information on rail security, the optimisation of security of cross-border rail services and the definition of a coordination mechanism to avoid unilateral decisions at national level. It will play a key role in the effective exchange of vital information at EU level. It will also help Member States and railway stakeholders to put in place a mechanism to quickly assess new threats and security incidents, and to undertake an appropriate coordinated response. The...

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