Denmark has committed to increasing the number of fast electric vehicle charging points on its highways with 13 new sites installed in late 2014 and more planned for 2015.
The most recent installation of chargers is along the highway between Copenhagen and Aarhus, enabling long-distance travel in electric vehicles. Farø and Kildebjerg have also received new charging points on highways in both directions.
Transport Minister Magnus Heunicke said the new fast charging points are an important improvement in the use of private electric vehicles. He also referenced recent studies that acknowledge Danes would be more likely to use electric vehicles if recharging was easy and convenient.
Climate Minister Rasmus Petersen stated that switching to electric vehicles is now easier due to the addition of the charging points. He added that the 13 new points will help Danes travel across the country in a cleaner and more sustainable way.
The company in charge of the installation and maintenance, E.ON Denmark, will also be working with Swiss-based electric vehicle operator, CLEVER, in an EU-funded project to establish a route of charging points connecting Denmark with Sweden, the Netherlands and Germany.
As part of this project Denmark will gain points in Zealand and Funen, and along the North Jutland highway. 
Original author: Alexia