The second SIP-adus workshop took place in Tokyo 27-29 October with the aim of bringing together experts from around the  world to share an discuss technical as well as non-technical aspects of automated and connected driving system deployment.

The workshop featured presentations from a wide array of topics including: Dynamic maps, Connected Vehicles, Security, Impact assessment, Human factors and Next generation of transport featuring speakers coming from a variety of backgrounds providing insight into the challenges faced in deploying automated driving.

During the session on “Dynamic maps”, Maxime Flament (ERTICO-Its Europe) presented findings and activities of the working group on digital infrastructure. During the session on “Next generation transport”, Christian Rousseau (Renault) presented the holistic approach of regarding Mobility as a service (MaaS) along with challenges faced by freight and logistics. Tom Alkim (RWS) gave an overview on the impact of automated driving on traffic and infrastructure along with a short introduction to the European truck platooning Challenge taking place in 2016.

The presentations are available online!