The 3rd edition of the iMobility Support newsletter zooms in on the achievements and recommendations of the iMobility Forum Working Groups in the field of safe, smart and clean road mobility. These recommendations shape future R&I policies to support the deployment of ITS in Europe, and feed the international cooperation between the EU, the US and Japan in which the Forum operates as the European interlocutor.

The featured article outlines the main summary outcomes of the report on ITS certification activities in Europe, the US, Japan and Australia. This report is being submitted under the iMobility Support project. It elaborates on the current work of the HeERO pilot project with respect to eCall and certification, and also provides links between Cooperative ITS standardisation and interoperability activities. Under this umbrella, ERTICO together with ETSI, has launched a series of interoperability events for Cooperative ITS systems using the brand name “Plugtests”. ERTICO has also launched the 1st Interoperability interest group on ITS certification.

The past 6 months, iMobility Support has been advocating the deployment of ITS in Europe through participation in 9 events. iMobility Support has been very active in the context of the 10th ITS European Congress. Together with iMobility Challenge, it co-hosted the iMobility Support / iMobility Challenge stand. iMobility Support organised and hosted the eCall interoperability testing of the European 112 eCall system and the Russian ERA GLONASS system from 16 to 19 June 2014. It also organised a Special Interest Session “Future Roadmaps on EUs research and innovation programming”. iMobility Support organised and hosted the 4th iMobility Awards ceremony.

Please read more in the Issue 3 July 2014 iMobility Newsletter.