We are delighted to announce the results of the European  ITS Hall of Fame Award 2016. Congratulations to the winners!


553c77d5-c8de-4699-a48e-6aad0cc71505Lifetime Achievement Award: Professor Eric Sampson

Eric Sampson has had a major impact on ITS development and deployment in his various roles first at the UK Department for Transport, as one of the founders of ERTICO, as a visiting Professor at four universities, and the ‘guardian of the content’ of the ITS European and World Congresses. He has actively worked in developing academic–industrial collaboration and increasing contribution of science and technology to transport policy-making. He has also supported ITS stakeholders, both veterans and newcomers, in an efficient and friendly manner.

Eric Sampson demonstrates qualities and achievements at the highest standard as a National and International ITS leader whose transport career spans 45 years in the public sector.  In the UK he persuaded Ministers to trial electronic tolling systems, created the UK Guide on In-vehicle systems (now the European Code of Practice), helped found ITS (UK) and launched the open ticketing standard now being introduced across Europe by the Smart Ticketing Alliance.

Eric’s innovative leadership was recognised by his appointment as CBE by the Queen of the United Kingdom. Eric has a comprehensive record supporting both the national and international development of ITS, helping establish and nurture organisations and guiding, mentoring and inspiring individuals. He will always find a solution to a problem through tenacious and creative thinking.

Since “retiring” he has remained engaged in a number of high profile and influential roles – a trusted advisor to Ministers (in the UK and 4 other countries), senior EC Officials, the European Parliament and a worldwide network of contacts, plus counselling and guidance for many junior players and students around the world. Eric has made major contributions to World Congresses; he is one of a few who have participated in every one.  He is the main Congress programme adviser for ERTICO and continues his ITS mission as a vocal advocate of the ERTICO concept, and the work it is doing.


ImpressionIndustry Awards: Association of French Toll Motorway Operators – ASFA, France

ASFA is the professional Association of road concessionaries and operating companies. It gathers 23 members operating more than 9053km of toll motorway network. The association is one of the founding members of ERTICO-ITS Europe.

The first ITS Congress was held in Paris. ASFA played a major role for its success.  The concessionary companies had the opportunity to make the motorway a place for safety and mobility services. They have implemented advanced technology across a wide range of applications, including automatic incident, real time traffic information services, alert, automatic emergency call, nationwide full interoperable ETC system.

ASFA members are actively participating in European projects (e.g. COOPERS, CVIS, Scoref projects, Arc Atlantic, EIP+ projects etc.). Ecomove for improve eco driving; CESARE, REETS projects for full deployment of a European Electronic Toll Service. They are presently participating in MedTis, Arc Atlantic, EIP+ projects aiming to deploy harmonized ITS services in Europe.

Companies are now definitely working on the design of the motorway of the future, which shall welcome the autonomous vehicle and enable Mobility as a Service.


647b702c-23ac-421c-95ef-e44eaab75607Local Government: City of Olsztyn, Poland

The city of Olsztyn (175 000 inhabitants) is the capital of Warmian-Masurian Voivodesh in North Poland.Although it is not considered a big city, it has been facing several issues in term of traffic and public transport.

Despite the fact that many cities (and especially small and medium size cities in central-East Europe) are often restless when it comes to investing in ITS Systems, the city of Olsztyn has sucessfully implemented a full ITS solution for its citizens and public transport users.
The implementation includes several cameras and sensors within the public transport. The latter was also equipped with passenger information boards, ticket machines and the implementation of the city card.

The city has also opened its own traffic management centre including two video walls and 10 stations operators in connection with more than 500 cameras at the city land transport intersection and more than 600 in the public bus system.

Public transport can also count now on the implementation of information board and the deployment of more than 35 stationary ticket machine and 150 mobile ticket machines. The city has its own ITS website: http://www.its.olsztyn.pl/.

Nowadays, Olsztyn benefits from a state of the art ITS system that can be envied by numerous European cities of the same or even bigger size. Knowing the difficulties for medium sized cities to implement holistic ITS solution, the Polish city of Olsztyn deserves to be regarded as a real ITS Hero.

The Awards will be presented and celebrated during the ITS Hall of Fame Ceremonies during the 23rd ITS World Congress in Melbourne, Australia, on 10-14 October 2016.

About the ITS Hall of Fame Awards

In 2010, the Board of Directors of the ITS World Congresses decided to recognise personal and corporate achievements by election to the ITS Hall of Fame.  The Awards are a valuable opportunity to highlight the successes of the most outstanding, ambitious and innovative ITS deployments and to reward the people and organisations most worthy of recognition and praise.

There are three categories of Award and each of the three Regions who jointly organise the Congresses make one election to each category. The call for nominations are public and the Board of Directors decide the winers among the nominees. The votes have been based on achievements in this category.

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