5G-LOGINNOV is emerging among the other ERTICO-led projects as a leader in supporting and consolidating SMEs and start-ups in the market of 5G-enabled next-generation logistics hubs and port operations.

The project envisions developing and validating beyond-state-of-the-art solutions for 5G technological blocks promoting business innovation while connecting with high-tech SMEs and start-ups. Since the 2021 Open Call, 5G-LOGINNOV partners have welcomed five new start-ups in the project’s Consortium that have been involved in several communications, dissemination and work project-related activities. These pioneering organisations worked in close collaboration with the three living labs (Athens, Koper, Hamburg), to facilitate the introduction of 5G innovation technologies in logistic operations. In this way, they became key stakeholders for the project helping to assess the business opportunities for the introduction of 5G disruptive technologies in the market.

By engaging innovative start-ups in the 5G & mobility-related domains, ERTICO is also acting as an SME incubator in order to drive products and services, while testing and developing business innovations in the mobility vertical”, said Dr Eusebiu Catana, 5G-LOGINNOV coordinator and ERTICO Senior Manager.

“5G-LOGINNOV allowed them to experiment and innovate by using the living labs’ infrastructure and the existing capabilities and resources with less risk from their side”, continued Dr Eusebiu Catana.

5G-LOGINNOV assists in the creation of new opportunities for innovative SMEs and start-ups in the field of 5G (and in prospective 6G)-enabled applications, with special attention to the Transport & Logistics sector. Beyond the Open Call for the selection of five innovative SMEs, the project carried out a pervasive cross-fertilisation campaign with other relevant initiatives (funded projects, associations, local business incubators) for the creation of a network of innovation specifically targeted to SMEs and start-ups.”, remarked Marco Gorini (Circle), leader of the project task 4.2 “Emergence of new actors”.

The prominent role of SMEs in the project is also reflected in the recent involvement of 5G-LOGINNOV in the Networld Europe SME working group online meeting. This working group counts 987 members, including 361 SMEs and it’s mainly focusing on promoting the skills and expertise of SMEs in the telecommunications field. On this occasion, 5G-LOGINNOV’s partner Marco Gorini from Circle presented and underlined the open opportunities for innovative SMEs within the project.

“The innovation network offers opportunities to project’s SMEs to promote their work and results towards a broad and highly valuable audience (e.g. DocksTheFuture Network of Excellence, NetworldEurope SME Working Group), as well as to learn about similar initiatives and concrete needs of potential stakeholders”, concluded Mr Gorini.