ERTICO’S flagship project, 5G-LOGINNOV works a variety of technological and societal innovations on logistics to ensure port areas are prepared to handle increasing demand, traffic congestion, and environmental issues. A transferability survey has been developed to collect responses on the project’s exploitable results and maximise the market uptake of the technological applications.

5G-LOGINNOV’s three Living Labs – in Athens, Hamburg and Koper – have been working to develop and deploy relevant innovative solutions enabled by 5G capabilities. In the preparatory phase of developing an exploitation plan, the three Living Labs identified the most important technologically-enabled critical exploitable results (KERs) of the Project.

The 5G-LOGINNOV consortium invites external stakeholders to participate in a survey on the KERs identified by the Project. The goal is to collect feedback on the needs that 5G-LOGINNOV’s results can meet, such as key risks and obstacles to implementation and adoption, and key success factors for scaling the technology in other contexts. The survey will also collect information on policies and regulations that are perceived as relevant for introducing highly innovative solutions in logistics, especially in the port domain.

The interest groups targeted by this survey are stakeholders in transport and logistics (preferably from the port domain), connectivity services, and IT service providers. Examples of companies that are encouraged to participate in the survey are the following:

  • Telecom operators
  • Logistics companies
  • Innovators/start-ups
  • Car/truck producers
  • Public / city / regional authorities
  • Port authority terminal operators
  • Rail operators
  • Transport operators
  • Local industries & associations
  • Customs authorities, etc.

If your company or organisation belongs to one of these categories, please complete this survey!

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