The PoDIUM project is working to foster the development of advanced CCAM solutions to achieve higher levels of vehicle automation. To make its results and achievements more accessible, PoDIUM has just launched its brand new website. The PoDIUM website has been developed by ERTICO and contains all the information, news and developments about the project.

Since its start in October last year, the 24 partners of the project have been working on addressing the challenges in road automation, a fast-growing industry sector. More specifically, the project aims to develop key technologies to help Physical and Digital Infrastructure (PDI) systems effectively handle the emerging requirements of connected and automated vehicles.

PoDIUM has just launched its website,, storing under one roof the most important information about the project. Visitors can discover more about the objectives of PoDIUM, and learn more about the five PoDIUM use cases that will be demonstrated in real-life conditions in the three Living Labs in Germany, Italy and Spain to achieve the project’s outcome, a flexible, multi-connectivity reference architecture.

“We shall strive to ensure that all newly generated information will be visible and accessible, through the project’s website and communication channels, to keep the users informed of all the emerging project developments,” says Dr. Nikolaos Tsampieris, Senior Manager of Innovation & Deployment at ERTICO.

As the consortium members will work on refining the use cases that will be demonstrated and on defining the requirements and specifications of the PoDIUM platform architecture in the coming months, make sure to visit the PoDIUM website and subscribe to the newsletter to stay informed about the latest progress. You can also follow PoDIUM on Twitter and LinkedIn for the latest news on the project.