On 3 December,  5G-MOBIX,  one of the flagship projects coordinated by ERTICO, hosted a webinar to share experiences with its partner projects,  5G-CroCo and 5G-CARMEN,  on challenges faced and lessons learned during the deployment and integration of 5G for CAM use cases in cross-border scenarios. The discussion was focused on 5G network connectivity, vehicles/OBUs and software tools.

From 5G-MOBIX, Fikret Sivrikaya of GT-ARC, who leads the 5G corridor roll-out coordination in the project, provided a summary of the vehicle/CAM-infrastructure related issues and lessons learned, underlining the importance of regular maintenance of roadside installations, finding solutions to limitations of the OBU/Vehicle design and accurate synchronization of connectivity equipment across all entities. Following that, Simon Rommel from TU/e talked about the 5G network deployment challenges in 5G-MOBIX; namely the roaming interruption, Inter-PLMN interconnection latency, issues in areas with low coverage, and session and service continuity among several other aspects along with their solutions to tackle them.

After the presentations from 5G-MOBIX,  the Technical Manager of 5G-CARMEN, Edwin Fischer from the ERTICO Partner Deutsche Telekom, shared his notes from the field on 5G CAM deployment in today’s 5G NSA (non-stand-alone) networks where he mentioned the challenges of working with commercial networks, integration, and testing.

The final presentation was by 5G-CroCo Technical Manager Dirk Hetzer from ERTICO Partner T-Systems, who provided insights on the evaluation of the results and their analyses. The collaboration between the three sister projects allows them to share their own challenges and learn from each other’s experiences.

“The webinar was a nice opportunity to share our views and experiences on the practical deployment issues across the three 5G-PPP projects. We covered a broad range of topics and I believe this sets a good baseline for future exchanges that may focus on each of the identified challenges and lessons learned in more detail, e.g., by individually revisiting the topics of 5G networks, vehicles and roadside infrastructure, edge/cloud applications, and evaluation frameworks,” says Fikret Sivrikaya.

You can download all the presentations here and watch the recording of the webinar following this link.