As it enters its last months, the 5GMETA project is starting to sum up the results of the work the project consortium has been dealing with for the last four years. These last steps will be focusing on developing the latest features of the 5GMETA Platform, defining the exploitation and business opportunities related to the release of the Platform, and to build blocks to demonstrate the importance of interoperability for the automotive industry.

In the past weeks, 5GMETA partners consortium has achieved a series of important milestones: it contributed to a joint paper on “Actions to enhance research, development and deployment of AI applications” with the 5G-LOGINNOV project; it organised a joint webinar on insights and policy recommendations from 5GMETA, 5G-LOGINNOV, and 5G-MOBIX projects’ perspectives; it was presented at the FORM Forum and at the IEEE Future Networks World Forum 2023, and launched a survey to understand the critical factors for success, challenges, and opportunities facilitated by the 5GMETA Platform.

Another joint webinar was organised with other EU-funded projects dealing with 5G technology: 5G-IANA, 5GASP and VITAL-5G. The focus was on Interoperability of European 5G platforms for Connected and Automated Mobility and was held on 5 December 2023. After a short introduction on the importance and relevance of interoperability given by Gorka Vélez, 5GMETA technical project coordinator, three speakers took the floor to express their view and experience on 5G interoperability by underlining the importance of creating working connections between platforms to ensure effective deployment of 5G technology.

As the 5GMETA project reaches its zenith, it is essential to recognise the profound implications it holds for the future of connectivity in smart mobility. The innovations and advancements achieved through this collaborative effort pave the way for a paradigm shift in how vehicles interact with each other and the surrounding infrastructure. By emphasising interoperability, the 5GMETA Platform ensures a harmonious integration of 5G technology in Connected and Automated Mobility, setting the stage for safer, more efficient, and sustainable transportation systems.

On 13 February 2024, 5GMETA is organising its final public event in Modena at ICOOR’s DATA CENTRE. The final event in Modena stands as a testament to the transformative potential of 5G, offering a unique opportunity for stakeholders to witness firsthand the tangible outcomes of a project that has not only met but exceeded expectations, ushering in a new era of intelligent and interconnected mobility solutions. Interested stakeholders are invited to join for the exciting culmination of the project. The consortium will showcase groundbreaking achievements and innovations in the realm of 5G technology. The event will offer live demonstrations of the latest 5G technologies developed during the 5GMETA project, and the opportunity to engage with industry leaders and project partners as they share insights into the future of 5G and its transformative impact. The final event will provide an incredible occasion to connect with professionals, researchers, and enthusiasts passionate about the potential of 5G. The draft agenda is available on 5GMETA website.

Save the date, mark your calendars, and be part of this milestone event! The 5GMETA final event is open to the public, welcoming all who are interested in the future of connectivity, in mobility and beyond.


5GMETA is co-funded by the EU under the H2020 Research and Innovation Programme (grant agreement No 957360).