Automated cars, shared bicycles, scooters, mobility apps, drones and why not, flying cars! From industry, to cities and users, mobility services are nowadays changing at such a fast pace that keeping ahead of the race is a real challenge. In a context where surprises and obstacles could potentially lie ahead, ERTICO is perfectly placed to provide support through its extensive network of expertise in smart mobility and give a voice to stakeholders’ needs, helping them to develop the very best solutions at a local, regional, national and international level.

ERTICO CEO Jacob Bangsgaard met this month with key players in the smart mobility sector to offer advice and support in the development of their agendas for MaaS (Mobility as a Service), blockchain, urban mobility and local and international cooperation. “When meeting with stakeholders and speaking at European and international events, I make sure I can give the latest update on what we as ERTICO are developing on our agenda for the present and a future together with our Partners”, said Mr. Bangsgaard.

It is very clear that offering an array of mobility services is becoming a key priority for cities, regions and mobility managers. ERTICO, with its broader view of what it is happening nationally and internationally, can act as a facilitator and supporter when it comes to MaaS, the use of connectivity, and automation in a mobility of the future. With increasing demand for guidance on MaaS and urban mobility, ERTICO’s CEO took the chance to meet representatives of ITS Sweden, participate in a meeting with transport representatives in Denmark and at the World Collaborative Mobility Congress in Switzerland, delivering guidance on how countries and local authorities can make the most of the technological wave, and find the best solutions to accommodate potential challenges.

“Meeting and interacting with stakeholders is key to success. That is why spreading the message and getting feedback from all players is what we need to bring forward the mobility agenda for greener, safe and efficient mobility ”, said Mr. Bangsgaard, who also added “The fast development of mobility services is a local, regional, national and international reality. ERTICO is committed to work closely with small and big realities, from our ITS national associations, to local representatives, as well as strengthening international cooperation with other ITS associations. ERTICO is also planning to launch a new cooperation with ITS America and ITS Asia Pacific to make sure that we align regional developments and that we team up to strengthen our role in the deployment of new mobility services”.

Later in the week, talks continued in Berlin, where the focus was on another important aspect of mobility: blockchain. As Board member and Chair of the transport working group, ERTICO took part at INATBA’s meeting to discuss the impact of blockchain on mobility services and plan the upcoming, Blockchain World Congress, which will be held in Malaga from 11 to 13 November 2019.

“When we talk about new technologies moving into the mobility sector, such as distributer ledger technologies, it is important to be able to embrace these innovations and identify the best possible applications that can benefit different sectors. With this in mind, ERTICO is taking the lead and providing guidance on the transport side, but at the same time conducting a reality check to see if blockchain is applicable at a wider level, as it will play a very important role in the future when it comes to security, data exchange and decentralization of data management”.

Meetings concluded with the ITS European Congress Open Day in Lisbon, which also proved the high level of interest in smart mobility and in particular from users.

“The high attendance at the open day in Lisbon showed how important it is that we bring the ITS Congress to Portugal. People came from around the country to see how they could make Lisbon 2020 an exceptional event and how they can showcase Portugal as leader in ITS, ” said Mr. Bangsgaard.

ERTICO’s work will now continue overseas with the ITS World Congress in Singapore just around the corner from 21-25 October 2019. We can expect to have a fantastic showcase of one of the most modern cities in the world! If you are coming to Singapore, don’t forget to stop by ERTICO’s stand, number 375, and learn more about smart mobility made in Europe.