The SAFE STRIP 6th and probably last plenary before the final event in early spring 2020 took place on 17 & 18 September at the Attiki Diadomes premises in Athens, Greece. This was the opportunity for the first real road infrastructure testing at the Attiki Diadomes premises.

The first overall walk-through of SAFE STRIP solution was tested, following the equipment set-up on the road infrastructure. The communication chain from the road to the mobile terminals and on-board terminals of the equipped vehicles was tested and probed upon the “wrong way” scenario of SAFE STRIP. Different communication ranges and equipment set-ups were tested resulting in the identification of the current limitations towards improvement prior to the Pilots with users that are expected to start in November 2019 in Attiki Odos. Virtual testing of all SAFE STRIP applications complemented the field testing.

The kick-off date of the Pilots will be the 20 November in Attiki Odos, Greece.