ERTICO releases the yearly Annual Review, reflecting some of the main highlights and activities dating from June 2021 to June 2022. This year has been a demanding yet remarkable period for ERTICO: More than ever before, connecting the dots in the development of smarter, safer and more sustainable mobility solutions is essential, and at ERTICO, we have been playing our part. Together with our Partners, through our Projects and Innovation Platforms as well as the networking opportunities at the ITS World Congress in Hamburg 2021 and the ITS European Congress in Toulouse 2022, we ensure the ideal platform for making it happen. 

In this year’s review, ERTICO presents its vision and mission in the four focus areas of Connected, Cooperative and Automated Mobility (CCAM), Clean and Eco-Mobility, Urban Mobility and Transport and Logistics. ‘It is with great pleasure that I propose this year’s report on behalf of ERTICO and our Partners. As CEO from January 2022, I have the honour of being at the helm of this unique organisation at an exciting time in our history,’ opens Joost Vantomme, ERTICO CEO. ‘2021 was the second year of the COVID-19 pandemic and continued to bring many challenges. We had to continue remote working and adapt to a ‘new normal’, but we also saw valuable opportunities to continue our efforts in connecting the dots.’

‘ERTICO has had the power to bring together the ITS community to unite and share ideas, bridging the gaps across key mobility players, and help connect the dots at two ITS Congresses this year’, says Lisa Boch-Andersen, Congresses, Events and Communications Director of ERTICO. ‘To this end, the ITS World Congress in Hamburg 2021, and the ITS European Congress in Toulouse 2022 both combined an engaging conference programme with a lively exhibition, innovative technical sessions and technical demonstrations. At a time of continued change, including the COVID-19 pandemic and accelerating digital transformations, it is more vital than ever that ERTICO and its Partners shape the debate around mobility and the future of transport, further strengthening relationships and creating synergies. The ERTICO events and ITS Congress team support these efforts, keeping people connected, and taking the conversation to the next level.’

Looking ahead, ERTICO will continue to work on bridging the gaps between the different sectors and stakeholders to make mobility more sustainable, efficient and safe. Together with our Partners, we lead the development of innovation, smart mobility solutions and digitalisation of transport with cutting-edge technologies.

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