Renault Group announced that it has joined the EONA-X association as a founding member – born in the continuity of the European Gaia-X initiative – alongside ADP, Air France-KLM, Aéroport Marseille Provence, Amadeus and SNCF, with the Apidae Tourisme platform as an active member. The ambition of EONA-X is to federate the mobility, transport and tourism sectors by promoting the circulation of their data. The ultimate goal is to create a federated catalog of secure data that complies with the European framework, enabling the development of use cases that meet the challenges of people mobility.

Within EONA-X, Renault Group, the association’s first car manufacturer, will be able to share and receive data in an environment of trust, sovereignty and data control. New use cases will be tested and developed, both on its own and shared with other members, leading European players in mobility. Among the many use cases explored, Renault Group and the members of the association will notably work on multimodal mobility.

“Renault Group is joining the EONA-X initiative today as a founding member. This is further proof of the group’s determination to place innovation at the heart of its strategy and in particular its mobility services. By joining forces with major European players in the mobility, transport and tourism sectors, Renault Group – and its entities such as Mobilize – will benefit from quality data to develop new use cases and will make theirs available in a secure European environment. The group will thus participate in the construction of the next generation of infrastructure, but also in the definition of the EONA-X specifications for the automotive sector”, explains Frederic Vincent, EVP Information systems and Digital, Renault Group.

“EONA-X is pleased to welcome Renault Group as a founding member of the association. We share the same vision of innovation to develop tomorrow’s mobility; including sustainability, accessibility and safety issues, with the will to be a champion of digitalization and data exchange. We would like to thank the Renault Digital and EONA-X teams who contributed to this membership”, adds Jean-François Cases, President of EONA-X and VP & Associate General Counsel, Amadeus.

Source: Renault Group