On 28-29 June ADASIS AISBL will hold a very special General Assembly of its members in Brussels. During this two-day meeting, the Association’s members will not only assess the status of the activities and of the Working Groups, but they will also celebrate ADASIS’s 20th anniversary.

In 2002, the ADASIS forum started as one of the first ERTICO innovation platforms with the goal to enable Advanced Driver Assistance Systems to access and use in-vehicle map data ahead of the current vehicle position leading to the introduction of predictive applications based on map and georeferenced data. Since then, ADASIS has reached several milestones: in particular, in 2010, it released its v2 specifications that were endorsed by the vehicle industry and are widely used today in many trucks and cars. Today ADASIS is a non-profit international association, the ADASIS AISBL, and its focus with the release of v3.2 in 2022 is to support automated driving functions and systems.

The implementation of the ADASIS standard has significant benefits such as its global outreach across the industry reducing development costs and the minimum requirement of data necessary to build the ADAS Horizon defined as a “mini-map” ahead of the current vehicle position. ADASIS also contributes to reducing the environmental impact of road transport with applications like Predictive Powertrain control for trucks enabling a reduction of fuel consumption and therefore CO2 emission by about 5%. The ADAS Horizon can be used as a reference in the vehicle for all geo-referenced objects and dynamic data. Finally, ADASIS can efficiently provide the last mile information with all the georeferenced data linked to the ADAS Horizon, thus favouring the implementation of smart mobility solutions.

ADASIS members are involved in several dissemination and outreach activities, including during international conferences, with the aim to expand the network and exchange know-how with other experts. For instance, ADASIS was present at the recent ITS European Congress in Toulouse, where it had a dedicated station at the ERTICO stand. ADASIS AISBL member Elektrobit also performed a demonstration of ADASIS with a reference implementation. Elektrobit’s experts showcased the latest EB Robinos Horizon Predictor Kit that provides highly accurate and up-to-date information about the road ahead for predictive ADAS and automated driving functions. The Kit they presented makes available the most recent SD and HD map data and EB Robinos Reconstructor to reassemble and efficiently store relevant ADAS Horizon data.

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