This year’s ITS European Congress will take place in Strasbourg, France, on June 19-21. The Congress highlights the latest developments in intelligent transport systems (ITS), with demonstrations, special interest sessions, panel debates, workshops and more.

The InterCor Project will be participating at the Congress with a Project Dissemination Session on “Improving efficiency of freight and logistics through C-ITS”, and a Special Interest Session on “C-ITS deployment: the French know-how”. For more information, see below:

SIS08 – C-ITS deployment: the French know-how

Monday 19 June 2017, 14:00 – 15:30 (ITS Forum)

TOPIC: 4. Connected and automated transport

This session will present the French know-how in the field of C-ITS deployment developed in projects SCOOP@F, C-Roads France and InterCor. What is very specific in the French approach is to have road operators and car manufacturers working together in close cooperation in order to develop a fully integrated system taking the whole information chain into account. The session will show concrete achievements directly replicable by any C-ITS deployment initiative in Europe.


Eric Ollinger, Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable

Development and Energy, France


Eric Ollinger, Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable

Development and Energy, France


Marie-Christine Esposito, Ministry of Ecology,

Sustainable Development and Energy, France

Christine Tissot, Renault, France

Guillaume Lavenir, DIR Ouest, France

Delphine Duperray, PSA Groupe, France

Guilhem Autret, Cerema, France

Hacène Fouchal, URCA, France

Houda Labiod, Institut Mines-Télécom, France


PR08 – Improving efficiency of freight and logistics through C-ITS

Thursday 22 June 2017, 09:00 – 10:30


  • Ralf Willenbrock, T-Systems


  • Giacomo Somma, ERTICO-ITS Europe
  • Josep Maria Salanova Grau, CERTH
  • Stephen George, City of Birmingham
  • Andre Perpey, GLS
  • Graham Hanson, DfT (TbC)


A vast amount of technologies is already available today to manage different aspects of goods movement, but these existing systems are currently not always linked to each other, missing the opportunity to optimise their performance through coordination, above of individual business requirements. This session will prove the value of C-ITS in optimising goods movement in urban and suburban areas by reporting on the results of the 5 services deployed by European project CO-GISTICS in 7 logistics hubs, some of them also part of the COMPASS4D network, having tested similar services for passengers. The services deployed by CO-GISTICS and the project partners have proven good results in increasing efficiency of logistics operations such as port loading/unloading optimisation, last mile delivery and automation as well as reducing CO2 emissions correlated to large fuel savings and full transparency of use of vehicles.

For more information about the Congress schedule, please click here.

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