In 2002, ADASIS started as one of the first ERTICO innovation platforms with the goal to enable Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) to access and use in-vehicle map data. As ADASIS celebrates its 20-year anniversary, members of the association and look back at a number of significant achievements.  

In 2002 the ERTICO automotive industry partners launched the ADASIS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems Interface Specifications) Forum to develop a standardised interface based on the ADAS horizon – defined as a “mini-map” ahead of the current vehicle position –  to overcome the proprietary format of navigation map databases. The ADAS horizon data is the key for ADAS to use the map as a predictive sensor to anticipate the road ahead and extend the driver and vehicle perception beyond what is immediately visible.

In 2010, the ADASIS standard Version 2 reached maturity and was adopted by the industry. The first applications were introduced in the market in 2012 with the Predictive Powertrain Control for trucks enabling a reduction in fuel consumption and therefore CO2 emission by about 5%. Today ADASIS is widely used by the automotive industry for predictive map-based systems.

ADASIS is a non-profit international association, the ADASIS AISBL, and its focus with the release of v3.2 in 2022 is to support automated driving functions and systems. Together with ERTICO, the ADASIS Association is paving the way for the convergence of C-ITS, cellular connectivity and automated vehicles along with the evolution of the road infrastructure.

Reaching the 20th-anniversary milestone represents a unique opportunity for ADASIS AISBL and its members, which will be supported by a dedicated communication campaign.

The first step in this direction is the creation of the organisation’s  brand-new LinkedIn Page where you will find the latest news, interesting upcoming events and other opportunities to deepen your knowledge about ADASIS, the ADAS Horizon Concept, and the several specifications and the enabled predictive applications.

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