After the celebration of its 20-year anniversary, ADASIS AISBL announces the drafting of a white paper.

During the last General Assembly, ADASIS AISBL coordinator, Jean-Charles Pandazis (ERTICO-ITS Europe) called on ADASIS Members to develop an informative document aiming at creating awareness about the achievements of the organisation, its products and the current trends in the automotive sector.

Starting from the presentation of ADASIS and the ADAS Horizon concept, members involved in drafting the White Paper will explore the evolution from ADAS to Automated Driving (AD), connected vehicles, standardisation, the architectural impact of AD and the format of the software’s architecture for vehicles in the future.

The White paper is part of ADASIS’ ongoing campaign aimed at increasing the visibility of its products not only with the organisation’s members but also with external stakeholders that may be interested in implementing the latest offered specifications. The paper represents an opportunity for several companies to clarify the implications of the ADAS Horizon in their respective fields.

The Paper will be available in March 2023 and it will be made available to download on the ADASIS website.

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