Changes in user behaviors continue to revolutionize products, product design and production systems in the automotive industry. As a wholly owned subsidiary of the AKKA Group, MBtech will continue to offer competitive and forward-thinking solutions to the Daimler Group, as well as attract more customers in the growing marketplace for mobility solutions, even beyond the automotive industry.
Having operated under joint control for the past six years, MBtech has successfully transitioned into AKKA’s operating model, ready to embark on the next phase of growth. This includes addressing the wider mobility market by combining MBtech’s capabilities with key assets from the AKKA Group, such as its cross-sector digital capabilities, and allows AKKA’s Germany Business Unit to complete the integration.

AKKA will deliver all Daimler contracts entrusted to MBtech, and both companies have reaffirmed their commitment to pursue their cooperation in the development of future mobility systems such as, among others, autonomous and electric vehicles.
The accelerating pace of innovation is driving companies to be more flexible and focused on delivering new solutions quickly, a key reason why Daimler and AKKA established MBtech, a former 100% subsidiary of Daimler, as a joint-venture in 2012, pioneering the trend of co-development and collaborative partnership in the industry. With AKKA holding a 65% controlling stake in the company and Daimler the remaining 35% of shares, this partnership has strengthened AKKA’s mobility positioning and allowed the company to develop a successful German business operation with a diverse and prestigious client portfolio.

As part of AKKA’s one-brand architecture adopted earlier this year to offer a single face to the customer worldwide, MBtech has adopted AKKA Automotive as its operating brand prior to the share-sale agreement and is now established as the Group’s Global Automotive Center of Excellence, part of AKKA’s Germany business unit.

Maurice Ricci, chairman and CEO of AKKA said: “AKKA and Daimler have pursued a shared vision during our six years of fruitful cooperation through MBtech. I’d like to express my thanks to Daimler for entrusting AKKA the full control of MBtech. This will allow AKKA to consolidate its leadership on the German automotive market and I look forward to continuing the partnership with Daimler in the development of electric vehicles and future mobility systems.”

Source: AKKA Technologies