The « Belgian Corporate Video Festival » is an event organized by students in their final year of an undergraduate degree at the Higher Management and Communications School of Artesis Plantijn Antwerp and Canal Z/Kanaal Z.

At this 17th event held in Brussels on June 3, awards were given to two of our corporate videos. The members of the jury underlined the innovative and distinctive character of the films and the great editing technique.

Our two videos were chosen from among the 370 films registered in 8 categories and were selected in their respective categories, « Products » and « Services». At the prize-awarding ceremony, the Link & Go clip received an award for best corporate video (in the « Products » category).
The 12-member strong jury, chaired by Dr. Karolien Poels – from the Communication Sciences Department of Antwerp University – and Jean-François Raskin – General Director of IHECS and chairman of the board of RTBF, emphasized the special effects of computer graphics and the interactions between the real and the virtual world of the video produced by the Mediart Design production agency. Using cutting-edge and innovative production techniques, the film highlights our vision of a new mobility.

The innovative strength of our Group, as evidenced by this corporate film, has once again been recognized and AKKA-MATIS Benelux was also invited to deliver a statement during an exchange session organized to identify new trends in corporate film-making. Jean-Christophe Van Dycke, CEO of AKKA-MATIS Benelux, presented the film « Passion for Technologies », alongside representatives of Brussels Airport, Boerenbond and Thalys.

This award again demonstrates our capacity to astonish the market and promote our power of innovation thanks to advanced and unique tools.

AKKA Technologies rewarded at Belgian Corporate Video Festival


Original Source: AKKA