On 14 February on the occasion of the working groups meetings, TISA Members appointed Andreas Schmid new chair of the TPEGTM Applications Working Group (TAWG). Mr Schmid works for PTV, an international company that provides software and consulting services for transport, logistics and geomarketing and he succeeds Joachim Mertz from the automotive manufacturer BMW.


In handing-over his position as chairman of the WG, Dr Mertz received a present from Teun Hendriks, chair of the Technical and Standards Committee Meeting, under which the TAWG operates.


In accepting the position of chairman, Mr Schmid stated: “I was very encouraged when I heard about my appointment by the TAWG members. I have been a part of TISA since its foundation and I saw the TAWG delivering many technical specifications that have high business relevance today. So far there are more than 20 specifications. Today’s challenge is to keep an overview of the ongoing issues. As chairman of TAWG I want to make the WG work easy to follow up and more even efficient for both existing and new members. I am sure that – as always – I will enjoy working with this particular group of experts”.