A university in the Turkish capital, Ankara, has launched a project that will help visually impaired students use public transport and take a more active part in social and cultural life.

The ‘Smart Bus Stops, Visible Bus Stops’ (Görünen Duraklar) project, developed by Hacettepe University Technopolis, provides route information such as estimated arrival times and the location of bus stops by using electronic tags and smartphone software.

The technology will enable visually impaired people to know the number of the bus that is approaching a stop and the distance to the door of the bus.

It will also notify the bus driver when they want to get off the bus. A spokesperson said that the intention is to help visually impaired travelers use public transport safely, experience the freedom of travel without the need for personal assistance and become independent individuals.

The project will be initiated first at bus stops located on Hacettepe University campuses. With the help of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, the Family and Social Policies Ministry and the Turkish Federation for the Blind, it will then be implemented throughout Ankara and the rest of Turkey.

* Image: Hacettepe University