SHOW is inviting regional organizations to become replicator sites and launch, improve, or expand shared CCAM services in their regions. The chosen participants will work closely with SHOW’s partners and utilize the CCAM services, tools, and established business models developed during the project. The deadline to submit applications is February 25. 

SHOW responds to the European Union’s demand to accelerate automated transport in cities and the need to provide users with a safer, more efficient, sustainable and accessible way to move. The project is well underway, with most of its demo sites in operation, providing transportation services to citizens in several European cities. At this stage in the project, SHOW technologies and services have undergone thorough testing and analysis to guarantee their functionality and performance, and the partners are ready to transfer their knowledge.

Ensuring replicability is a crucial aspect of the SHOW project as it aims to bring its innovations to Europe and beyond. With this call for regional replicator sites, the consortium will work closely with regions and municipalities to promote the transfer of CCAM experiences, tools and learnings. 

The selected replicator sites will have access to SHOW demonstrations, webinars, and training; develop plans to replicate SHOW use cases and connect with the project’s expert community.

The call is open until Saturday, 25 February. All the details to participate are available in the following link: SHOW Call for Replications

Join the most impactful real-world demonstration of CCAV

As the most significant and holistic real-life CCAV urban demonstration in Europe, the project’s ultimate goal is to lead a new mobility model for the integration of automated vehicles in urban transport, settling a connected, sustainable and cooperative ecosystem. By integrating multiple modes of transportation, including Public Transport (PT), Demand-Responsive Transport (DRT), Mobility as a Service (MaaS), and Logistics as a Service (LaaS), SHOW creates a seamless network that optimizes the transportation of people and goods. 

Furthermore, SHOW boosts collaboration with sister projects aimed at accelerating the integration of Connected, Cooperative and Automated Vehicles (CCAV) in urban mobility, as well as with international stakeholders, forging strong ties with the US, Australia, South Korea, and Taiwan.

Getting involved with SHOW is an excellent chance to work alongside industry leaders, and play a crucial role in driving automated urban mobility forward. To gain a deeper understanding of the significant progress made by the large project consortium, visit the SHOW website.


SHOW has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 875530.