The CONCORDA (Connected Corridor for Driving Automation) project contributes to the preparation of European motorways for automated driving and high density truck platooning. Therefore the focus of the project, which was launched in October 2017, is on analysing the interoperability of technologies that enable V2X and V2V communications under real traffic conditions. To facilitate the work of the consortium, project partners have been meeting in workshops. The first took place in January in Athens; the second one was organised at the beginning of June in Brussels.

The workshop was used to assess the status of CONCORDA’s activities and debate the next development steps. CONCORDA test site leaders from the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany, and Spain presented their latest achievements. Within the project, it is important to align the work of the test sites and make sure that they are interoperable. Only this way can CONCORDA establish an overarching solution for European motorways.

Workshop participants also debated the cooperation options for the CONCORDA project. CONCORDA seeks to align itself with C-ROADS and other EU initiatives, as well as establish good collaborative relationships between OEMs and Member States involved in the CONCORDA project.