AustriaTech is a federal public service-orientated company aimed at maximising the societal deployment of new technologies in traffic and transport. The company was founded in 2005 as a subsidiary of the Austrian Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology (bmvit). AustriaTech acts as an agency for the ministry and is pursuing a long-term strategy for sustainable transport solutions, like Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) and electro mobility. In addition, AustriaTech receives a legal mandate from the ITS law. This law is the national implementation of the European ITS Directive, and it declares that AustriaTech has the tasks of observation, documentation and harmonisation of mobility services. As an agency, AustriaTech facilitates and carries out a common ITS strategy. As a neutral partner, the company is able to go between management, infrastructure operators and the industry, as well as functioning as an independent system. The approximately 40 members of staff at AustriaTech put a distinct focus on the implementation of mobility technologies and services. AustriaTech advises on the content of government decisions, due to the comprehensive technological knowledge and specialised process expertise which are on hand in the company. AustriaTech is split into four Business Units which engage in independent yet interlocking activities.

Contact: Böhm Martin

Original author: Imobility