ERTICO – ITS Europe and Continental Automotive announced a strategic agreement between SENSORIS, the global standard for vehicle-to-cloud data format, and Ko-HAF, the German-funded project for cooperative highly automated driving.

For SENSORIS, the strategic agreement states that the next step is to create a global industry standard for the format of data exchanged between the vehicle and cloud that is based on the open-source data specification published by HERE Technologies. Having a publicly funded project actively engaging in the standardization work and agreeing on using and testing the specification gives SENSORIS the opportunity to see their specification in action and incorporate real scenario contributions into the standardization process. SENSORIS chairman Prokop Jehlicka (HERE Technologies) states: “Having a standard for how vehicle sensor data is exchanged is an important step forward for the automotive industry, as vehicle connectivity and automation rapidly increase. It is critical now for the mass adoption of the standard, and the fact that a handful of companies in the Ko-HAF project are also members of SENSORIS results in the perfect match of collaboration between these two bodies.”

The German publicly funded project Ko-HAF, is introducing the full ecosystem for highly automated driving. It is very important to have normalized and consistent information being transported between the vehicle and their Security Server; only with perfect understanding of transported data, the quality of the gathered information and the resulting safety of highly automated vehicles can be guaranteed. Therefore, Ko-HAF has embraced a long-term usage of the specification published by HERE Technologies and has updated it according to the needs of the highly automated driving ecosystem.

Moreover, participants in both the SENSORIS platform and Ko-HAF project took the identified changes from the Sensors Data Ingestion Interface and brought them as requirements towards the SENSORIS work. This allows SENSORIS to grow towards a ready-to-use specification for highly automated driving.