Bologna has been ranked first in a national report that studied the progress of major Italian cities in promoting clean, efficient and sustainable forms of transport.
In the report by Euromobility, an Italian sustainable mobility association, 50 cities were measured on their progress on car-sharing, the introduction of clean and energy-efficient vehicles, the supply and use of public transport, cycle lanes, footpaths and restricted traffic areas.
Bologna was recognised for its high number of cycling lanes, low number of traffic accidents, meeting the high demand on its public transport system and its approaches to congestion.
The 50 cities monitored included all regional capitals, the two capitals of the autonomous provinces and cities with a population exceeding 100 000. Parma, Milan, Venice and Brescia came close behind Bologna. Most southern Italian cities ranked lower than their northern neighbours.
Roberto Maldacea, the president of Euromobility, said: ‘We need to be able to reverse the decline in sustainable mobility in southern Italy, and also begin to measure the sustainability index of some initiatives such as car- and bike-sharing,’ he said.
Maldacea also suggested that the low ecomobility rankings in the south were because of cuts to local government funding following the recent economic crisis. 
Photo by Argia Sbolenfi