The EU-funded SWITCH project, which aims to reduce urban car traffic by switching short car journeys to walking and cycling, is offering cities free mentoring from international transport and health experts.
SWITCH uses behavioural-change approaches to encourage people to switch car trips to active modes of transport. Cities participating in the programme will receive free advice, expert support, access to training material and templates to design their local campaigns, and fully funded participation in exchange workshops with the five SWITCH cities.
The SWITCH method targets specific audiences on a large scale and is based on personalised travel planning supported by strong health-related arguments and the use of ICT-based tools for people in a period of life-change, such as moving home or school. 
The deadline for applications to become a SWITCH ‘Follower City’ is Friday 30 January 2015. Interested cities or organisations can contact:

Ms. Silke Frank
Rupprecht Consult
Tel: +49 221 60 60 55 – 10

Original author: Florinda Boschetti