On 11 May, the European co-funded project BOOSTLOG is launching a call for stakeholders who have successfully completed EU-funded projects to shape future public funding programmes in the logistics sector. In the past few decades, the logistics sector has experienced revolutionary shifts in technologies, business modes, policies and legislation, contributing to the rapid growth of e-commerce and raising awareness on the impact of the sector on climate change and the environment. European co-funded Research and Innovation (R&I) projects played a key role in this revolution and represent a valuable asset when it comes to identifying and assessing future European financing.

This is why the European project BOOSTLOG has launched a call to collect implementation cases in transport and logistics.

“If you are a professional who has successfully implemented a European co-funded R&I project, your story should be heard and your achievement should be recognised”, says Eusebiu Catana, ERTICO Senior Manager and logistics expert. “Outcomes of such projects have in some cases been revolutionary by developing and piloting innovative technologies, solutions and services, demonstrating new business models, supporting policy developments and facilitating cross-sector cooperation. We want to encourage all stakeholders to tell their story and contribute to the future of the transport and logistics sector, he concludes.

The call will be officially launched on 11 May and will be open until 30 June. In addition to contributing to the transport and logistics sector, all applicants will be eligible for the ALICE Innovation Award, which will grant the winning team or individual with the opportunity to gain visibility through BOOSTLOG consortium platforms for their work and collaborate with key players in the transport and logistics industry. The winner will be announced in September 2021.

A total of eight awards will be announced on various logistics subjects between 2021 and 2023. More information on the application and the awards is available here.

Photo by Sam LaRussa on Unsplash