ERTICO is pleased to announce that Ohmio s.a.r.l has joined its Partnership. Ohmio is a designer, manufacturer and operator of autonomous, electric shuttles.  Drawing on over 20 years of experience in the intelligent transport systems space, Ohmio evolved from its sister company, HMI Technologies, in 2017.  In the six years since its inception, Ohmio has deployed shuttles in Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, the United States, the United Kingdom, Luxembourg and the Netherlands and is looking to expand its presence and capability in the future mobility market in Europe.

Like HMI Technologies, Ohmio takes a solution-driven approach to all of its deployments and customers. Ohimo strives to deliver the best solution for each project and works closely with our customers to develop an outcome that we are all proud of.

“We are thrilled to welcome Ohmio to the ERTICO Partnership, where innovative minds converge to shape the future of intelligent transport systems. Their commitment to delivering cutting-edge autonomous, electric shuttles aligns seamlessly with our mission to make mobility safer, efficient, and sustainable. They will also add a significant value to our collaborative efforts, amplifying the impact of the ERTICO Partnership in the evolving landscape of intelligent mobility,” introduces Joost Vantomme, CEO of ERTICO.

The ERTICO Partnership bridges the gaps between stakeholders across the ITS community to help make mobility safer, more efficient and sustainable. Together, we lead the digital transformation of transport through the development of cutting-edge technologies, new services and innovative mobility solutions to move people and goods in smarter ways. Our Partners share the joint mission to actively promote sustainable collaborative relations with EU institutions and policymakers by connecting local and regional transport organisations with national authorities.

Ohmio is pleased to be joining the ERTICO Partnership and looks forward to collaborating with fellow members as we strive to deliver future mobility solutions in Europe.  ERTICO is a leader for the advocacy and employment of ITS in Europe and Ohmio is looking forward to being part of the journey recently articulated in the European Directive on Intelligent Transport Systems.

Joining the ERTICO Partnership is a significant step forward for Ohmio as we strive to build our brand in Europe.  This comes on the back of our membership of ITS America, ITS Australia and ITS New Zealand.  We believe that membership of such like-minded organisations and working with fellow members will enhance the ability to deploy future mobility solutions across the globe,” says Dean Zabrieszach, Ohmio Chief Executive.

Joining the ERTICO Partnership is an important way to connect the dots between different sectors across our complex ecosystem. The Partnership enables close collaboration between stakeholders by coordinating the planning and deployment of intelligent transport systems and smart mobility solutions in Europe and beyond.

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