On 30 June 106 participants from 32 countries worldwide, joined the fourth C-ITS City Pool, hosted online for the first time. As the City Pool is particularly intended to public authorities, road operators or traffic managers, 55 of the total attendees represented 22 public and road authorities (local, regional, and national levels).

Since 2015 the C-ITS City Pool acts as a central meeting point between transport authorities engaged in and benefiting from C-ITS deployment and other cities / regions interested in how C-ITS can improve urban and regional mobility with the aim of raising awareness and supporting deployment. Since March 2018 the C-ITS City Pool has been an integral part of the C-MobILE Stakeholder Forum, involving traffic managers, road authorities and operators, industries, fleet operators as well as everyday road users (such as professional taxi, bus or truck drivers, but also vulnerable road users such as cyclists and pedestrians) aiming at establishing functioning partnerships.

This two-hour interactive session, included presentations from C-MobILE project partners ERTICO, CERTH-HIT and City of Copenhagen. ERTICO provided an overview of mobility challenges and how cooperative mobility services are increasingly contributing to a safer, greener, more efficient and more comfortable mobility for public authorities, citizens and businesses. CERTH-HIT run the training part, centred on the needs of public authorities, to make participants more familiar with C-ITS technologies and services and smart traffic management. Lastly, the City of Copenhagen shared their experience and gave concrete successful examples of real life C-ITS deployment, including relevance for and cooperation with suburban areas and neighbouring cities.

The training modules will be made available soon. If you would like to find out more about the C-ITS City Pool and/or be involved in future events, contact C-MobILE or join the C-MobILE Stakeholder Forum.