Cees_5934Cees de Wijs – Chairman of ERTICO – ITS Europe -has been appointed CEO of Imtech Traffic & Infra Group BV on 1 January 2016. Cees de Wijs worked as CEO previously for Swarco, Xerox, Logica and various leading companies in the fields of IT systems and mobility.

Imtech Traffic & Infra is active on the European market and has branches in the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, Poland, Finland, the UK and Ireland. The company was taken over by investment company Egeria in August 2015.

The arrival of the new CEO and a new CFO (Ron van Laar) marks a change of course for the company, with more emphasis on innovation and technology. Their three main markets will be energy, mobility and parking.

Cees de Wijs:  “We live in a very dynamic world; everything is connected with everything. This means that integrated solutions must be sought for mobility and energy problems. Imtech Traffic & Infra has solid knowledge of managing mobility and energy. Our innovative solutions make it possible for mobility streams to be linked efficiently and create a vital, strong infrastructure. In the coming years we want to entrench this focus on the latest technology.”

A new course calls for a new name. The new name will be announced to the public on 29 January. De Wijs: “This is a moment we’ve all been looking forward to. The new name will be that of a company that is recognised to be an innovative, reliable partner to our customers.”