The 2021 CEF Transport call for proposals was published on 16 September 2021, with a total budget of EUR 7 billion and supports projects under the General, Cohesion and Military Mobility envelopes on a wide variety of topics and priorities. CINEA has received 447 project proposals requesting almost EUR 14.5 billion co-funding by the 19 January 2022 deadline of the 2021 CEF Transport call.

Admissibility and eligibility of the proposals will now be checked and the proposals will then be evaluated against the specific award criteria of the call. The entire evaluation process, which will involve external independent experts (with the exception of the Alternative Fuels Infrastructure Facility), is expected to be concluded by the end of June 2022, when the results will be announced.

For more info, visit the CEF Transport section of this website for up to date information on this call.

Source: European Commission