ERTICO is excited to announce CEFRIEL has joined its Partnership. Founded in 1988 by universities, companies and local government bodies as a research centre, CEFRIEL aims to encourage collaboration and the sharing of knowledge between the research world, businesses and society. CEFRIEL leads various initiatives on innovative, efficient, and sustainable mobility, including designing and implementing new public transport solutions. This new collaboration opens ERTICO’s network to another important player in the Research sector.

“As a leading research institute in developing innovative solutions for more efficient and sustainable mobility, we are pleased to welcome CEFRIEL to the ERTICO Partnership,”  says Joost Vantomme, CEO of ERTICO. “Together with our Partners, we lead the digital transformation of transport through the development and deployment of intelligent transport systems and new mobility services. This shared ambition is also part of CEFRIEL’s dedicated work focusing on research, innovation and training, and we are looking forward to this new collaboration to help shape the way forward through a holistic approach”.

CEFRIEL is involved in tackling several challenges in the mobility industry-defining tools and rules for mobility data digitisation and sharing, implementing MaaS solutions to support seamless and multi-modal mobility, devising multi-modal alternatives to the use of private cars, encouraging public transport, active travel, and shared mobility.

“CEFRIEL has a long-lasting and successful experience in research and innovation projects defining solutions for more innovative, efficient, and sustainable mobility. The ERTICO partnership represents an excellent opportunity for Cefriel to participate in a network of mobility pioneers to share knowledge, skills, and projects related to ITS. We strongly believe that the collaboration with ERTICO’s partners will give rise to challenging research and innovation projects,” says Marco Comerio, Mobility Research Leader of CEFRIEL

At CEFRIEL, research drives the acquisition and development of solid skills to create innovative solutions for all projects. Based on the market’s needs and with a multidisciplinary approach, Cefriel combines the output of its research with the innovation projects that are taking shape at companies. This fusion of research and innovation enables a seamless transition from intent to impact.

Find out more about CEFRIEL here. To discover the benefits of being part of ERTICO and how to join the Partnership, visit the website.