ERTICO’s initiative City Moonshot works to engage, inspire and empower cities at a transnational level, providing insights for boosting a new urban mobility model. Under the ambitious goal of interviewing 300 cities, the survey provides a better understanding of the main needs to be addressed and lays the groundwork for cooperative actions.  

Public-private partnership is ERTICO’s backbone. Building a sustainable and smart mobility requires the input of cities as core actors in the sector due to their capacity to approach environmental, management and infrastructure challenges holistically, improving citizens’ life quality. 

City Moonshot is an ERTICO initiative to increase understanding of cities’ main concerns, hurdles and opportunities to lead the shift towards a new era for mobility, addressing topics like air quality, climate change, digitalisation or disruption. The resulting report from the survey enhances knowledge transfer. 

For Phase I, City Moonshot has already interviewed transport and mobility managers from 150 cities worldwide. The results report concludes that many cities share common challenges, including traffic congestion, pollution and noise. Another common aspect is the ambition to improve public transport, air quality and decarbonisation. The initiative aims to encourage the establishment of collaborative frameworks between cities and other stakeholders, involving the citizens as the main users and beneficiaries of smart urban mobility.

Phase I results are available. Download the report at the following link

The City Moonshot team is now working on Phase II, continuing to conduct interviews to understand urban mobility in large cities, where 68% of the global population will live by 2050. 

The report conclusions and the key points for this new stage will be presented at ITS Europe Congress, held in Toulouse from May 30 to June 1. Do not miss your chance to learn more about this ERTICO initiative. You can still register at the following link