The CityLogCityMove User Forum on vehicles for urban freight delivery and ITS based city logistic systems took place on 16 June 2010. The event was an opportunity for the two projects to connect with urban freight delivery and mearn about their experiences needs and visions.

Question asked included:

  • What kind of vehicles makes your urban freight operations smoother and more efficient?
  • What kind of vehicles helps you to achieve your urban transport policy goals for smooth green and safe urban freight transport?
  • How does a smooth urban logistic chain look like from your perspective?

The full agenda can be viewed here.pdf (90.9 KB)


CityLog introduction – Saverio Zuccotti (CRF) .pdf (633.6 KB) CityMove Introduction –  Gianfranco Burzio (CRF) .pdf (2.4 MB) The urban delivery vehicle session –  Zohra Roissac (Volvo Technology) .pdf (657.2 KB) Telematic solutions for urban logistics – Hans Quak (TNO) .pdf (951.7 KB) Costumer requirements and business perspectives – Perry Heijne (TNT) .pdf (904.7 KB) Freight transport in Berlin: challenges visions and use cases – Julius Menge (Senate of Berlin) .pdf (3.6 MB)


Want to know more?

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For CityMove please get in contact with Melanie Kloth POLIS 
For CityLog please get in contact with Sébastien Mure ERTICO – ITS EUROPE


CityMove is developing an innovative vehicle for urban freight distribution: less emissions more safety for drivers and vulnerable road users more flexibility more efficiency for freight operators.

CityLog is working towards an integrated set of solutions for city logistics composed of logistic-oriented telematic services for optimised routing and mission management new vehicle solutions and innovative load units.


  Projects co-funded by: European Commission DG Research



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Original Publication Date: Mon 26 Jul 2010