The joint CityLog and CityMove stakeholder workshop on user needs and requirements which was held on 16 June 2010 in Brussels. The workshop gathered the 75 stakeholders ranging from freight operators cities organisations research institutes vehicle manufactures and others in order to discuss their needs towards urban freight delivery vehicles and urban logistic concepts.

The workshop structure was based on presentations of the two projects and specifically on parallel brainstorming session on telematic and vehicle solutions. The plenary session depicted the wishes of stakeholders towards other stakeholders for an efficient city logistics chain.

The stakeholder workshop was organised in cooperation with the CityMove project in order to have a common invitation list and to share the user need collection method. The aim was to develop a common position regarding future deployment of CityLog Field trials applied to optimised use cases of urban deliveries of goods.

City logistics in the future should be as popular as public transport and socially accepted as public transport. For that purpose we need cleaner and more efficient city logistics and more invisible operations. City logistics would need to put all stakeholders in one cooperative table a telematic platform  used by different providers. Even though this is going beyond the scope of CityLog the workshop had the very postive effect of bringing cities and logistics services providers together for a closer collaboration.

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Original Publication Date: Mon 26 Jul 2010