The objective of the CIVITAS CATALYST project is to ensure that the experiences of the CIVITAS Initiative are exploited at a maximum level.


CIVITAS CATALYST intends to accelerate and facilitate the CIVITAS multiplier effect which is the key factor to ensure that the effects of the CIVITAS initiative are sizeable and durable at the local national and EU levels. CIVITAS CATALYST aims to prepare publications such as best practise manuals topic-based guides and scientific articles as well as establishing and facilitating interactive partnerships between cities organising study tours and staff exchanges thematic workshops and conferences conducting international national and local networking undertaking impact studies and building a recognisable image for CIVITAS-like policies.


A key feature of CIVITAS CATALYST is that it offers funding opportunities to promote the uptake of the CIVITAS approach and concretely demonstrates the benefits it yields. Funding is available for a large range of activities stretching from a simple attendance of conferences and site visits to the fully fledged execution of staff training and transport studies. Interested cities typically through their public authorities and transport operators can access funding with the assistance of CIVITAS CATALYST partners and/or via dedicated Calls for Applications. Eligibility rules procedures and application forms are provided and downloadable on the CIVITAS web site.

For further details please read the full PDF file here.


CIVITAS CATALYST is holding a conference/workshop on 6 December 2010 titled “Clean Fuels & Vehicles for Urban Goods Transport: Strategies for Implementation and Lessons Learned from the CIVITAS Projects” at the Senate Department for Urban Development Berlin Germany.


A registration form with full details is available here.


The CIVITAS Initiative is co-financed by the European Union.


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Original Publication Date: Thu 25 Nov 2010