ERTICO: What role does FREILOT play in the overall PEEK Traffic strategy?

Willem Hartman: Freilot is very important in the overall Peek strategy since it proves that co-operative systems can actually contribute to pollution reduction and fuel saving initiatives.

Furthermore it is a practical deployment and improvement of technology that has been developed in previous projects and in this way brings the technology further.


ERTICO: What benefits do you expect or already can see coming from the emerging ‘cooperative systems’?

Willem Hartman: We see co-operative as the next logical step in the evolution of road-side equipment. We have spent years in making roadside equipment more intelligent and more aware of its environment by communicating to vehicles a vast amount of data and possible applications that lie within reach. These range from route-optimisation to warning-systems for pedestrians crossing the road. An application that can be deployed on short notice is the “Priority function” in Freilot.


ERTICO: Why should public authorities (public road operators or city authorities) invest in these new emerging technologies and applications these days when many of them are forced to cut down on investments?

Willem Hartman: Public authorities should invest in this because it is a relatively cheap technology with respect to the result it delivers. To achieve a similar result with traditional technology much more investment is needed. Besides that these investments are completely in line with the developments in this area world-wide. This is not ‘a hype’. It is here to stay.


ERTICO: When can we see first products based on “cooperative systems” coming from PEEK Traffic?

Willem Hartman: We plan to launch the first application (apart from pilot projects) in 2011. The first system will be priority system for trucks emergency services and public transport.


ERTICO: What value does the participation in the ERTICO – ITS Europe partnership bring to your organisation?

Willem Hartman: This brings a lot of value. Within this partnership we can exchange information with other experts. We excel in a niche of the market and so do the other companies. By learning from each other developments go much quicker than doing it all alone.

Furthermore it is very easy in this way to work on European standards that will ensure quicker deployment in the years to come.


Willem Hartman – Managing Director PEEK Traffic B.V. The Netherlands


Company Profile

The people at Peek develop and implement innovative systems that offer concrete solutions for improving mobility safety and environment on European roads. Peek leads the way in traffic control. Peek develops and provides innovative solutions for cleaner safer and smoother traffic management. Peek has offices in The Netherlands Poland Croatia Sweden Finland Belgium and in the United Kingdom. The Dutch office supplies mobility products and systems within The Netherlands and to other countries in Europe.

Peek is specialised in developing supplying and maintaining high-quality electronic and software solutions for traffic and transport problems. Peek’s products and systems are used in national urban and regional networks and in public transport. Peek Traffic bv is a subsidiary (company) of Imtech nv.



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Original Publication Date: Wed 24 Nov 2010