Since the end of 2016, the Trieste pilot site has been ready to operate all cooperative services proposed by the CO-GISTICS project.

The local Decision Support System (DSS) for cooperative logistics is fully developed and has started to enable pilot site operations.

Trieste is the second CO-GISTICS pilot site per number of trips realised for the Eco-Drive Support and CO2 footprint estimation and monitoring services. Since September, the 10 trucks involved have performed 829 trips using the LCMM solution.

Concerning the Cargo Transport Optimisation service, the trucks license plate detection system devoted to freight transportation flow synchronisation, it has been active along the motorway network of the Friuli Venezia-Giulia Region since September.

All the other services are ready to be deployed. Meanwhile, raw data being collected and used to evaluate the CO-GISTICS services performance has been transmitted to the central database in Vigo (Spain) since November.

For more information on the Trieste pilot site, contact Walter Ukovich, University of Trieste